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7 Common Divorce Child Custody Errors to Avoid

While divorce rates in the United States are declining, children of divorced parents are still more likely to suffer poor outcomes.

Filing for divorce may be intimidating, especially if you're simultaneously fighting for child custody. Understanding what not to do will ease the transition and assist your family in adjusting to the change.

Continue reading to learn about and avoid the top 7 child custody blunders.

1. You Aren't Talking With Your Ex

Communication with your ex-spouse is crucial to the well-being of your children and your court case, no matter how painful it may be.

The court promotes children's interactions with both parents. You must be willing to interact with your ex-spouse if you want to share custody.

2. Failure to Obey Court Instructions

Disobeying a court order on purpose will have a negative impact on your child custody case.

This involves taking your child without first consulting with your ex-spouse. Bring any concerns you have about a court order to the attention of your counsel. It is critical to follow the right channels rather than just disregarding court rulings.

3. Nonpayment of Child Support

If you are required to pay child support and fail to do so without notice, the court will hold you accountable.

Life occurs, and you may be unable to make a payment. The greatest thing you can do is to contact the court before your payment is due.

4. Refusing to Stay Civil

You should make every effort to maintain civility throughout the legal process, including after filing for divorce.

Your youngster is observing and learning from your actions. One of the most typical child custody blunders is failing to display strong communication skills and retain your composure in court. Being courteous and level-headed will demonstrate to the court that you are mature and capable of sharing custody and making sound decisions for your child.

5. Excessive social media sharing

You've probably heard horror stories of individuals losing their jobs because of social media posts. But did you realize that anything you write online can be used against you in child custody proceedings?

If you habitually vent on social media, now is the time to stop. Commenting negatively about your ex on the internet might backfire on you in court.

Instead, concentrate on producing positive information that demonstrates how you are a wonderful parent. Always think hard before sharing anything, and avoid publishing anything that may cause controversy.

6. Getting In Trouble With the Law

One of the worst errors you can make while pursuing child custody is not being on your best behavior.

The court will closely analyze everything you do as a parent during this period. If you are arrested or otherwise involved in legal difficulties, this will be used against you in your custody case.

7. Not Having a Lawyer

Trying to figure it all out independently is one of the most typical and costly child custody blunders.

While legally, you can represent yourself in court; it is never a brilliant idea. This is especially true if an attorney is representing the other side. You will be at a disadvantage from the start.

Are You Concerned About These Child Custody Errors?

If you are divorced and battling for custody, you may have committed one of these child custody blunders. Don't be alarmed if you have. Talking to a lawyer as soon as possible is the best approach to getting things back on track.

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